4 Occasions (Outside of Weddings) That Deserve Big Parties

4 Occasions (Outside of Weddings) That Deserve Big Parties

Apr 02, 2018

Whether you’ve already gotten married, or marriage is in the distant future, that’s no excuse not to party! Some of us simply love planning events, and in this article, we will discuss 4 occasions that are great excuses to do just that!

Milestone Birthdays

It’s no secret that some years feel a little more significant than others. Whether your child is turning a whole-year-old, or your mother is finally turning 60, birthdays with round numbers are more likely to have big balloons with them printed on them! Birthdays pave the way for some of your fondest and memorable moments. Allow yourself to celebrate your loved ones or even you!

Major Professional Accomplishments

It’s time you celebrated your biggest accomplishments, and sometimes these come in the form of major professional accomplishments. These aren’t limited to finally getting that promotion you dreamed of, how about that degree you’ve been working so hard towards? This celebration allows you to not only celebrate that hard work but enjoy moments with those that helped and supported you to get you exactly where you are.

Buying a New House

What is better than throwing a bash at your new house! It allows your loved ones to get familiar with your new space, setting a precedent for your hospitality in your new home. This kind of celebration allows you to break in your new kitchen and see what that house is really made of.

Moving to a New City

With a big move come those bittersweet feelings of excitement and sadness. This kind of celebration allows you to enjoy time with those that are equally just as excited for you as they are sad to see you go. It is a great opportunity to get nostalgic and really reflect on your life up until this new journey.

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