4 Tips For Getting to the Airport On Time

4 Tips For Getting to the Airport On Time

Oct 09, 2018

Have you ever rushed to the airport in a panic, fought through traffic and security, only to miss your flight? If this has happened to you even once, you know the frustration and expense caused by arriving late to the airport. These four tips can help you get to the airport on time:

  • Organize yourself ahead of time

    Waiting until the last minute to pack may seem tempting, but you can’t afford to take that risk! Make an effort to have everything in your suitcase at least a day ahead of time. This will give you extra time to gather all your important travel documents and other necessities, thus avoiding the confusion that comes with last minute packing.

  • Plan to be at the airport at least two hours early

    Many things can delay getting to your flight on time- traffic, parking, long lines at baggage check. To avoid the stress of racing against the clock, plan to be at the airport two hours before your domestic flight and three hours for international. Doing so will allow you sufficient time to deal with unexpected delays and still be on time for your flight.

  • Stay up-to-date by downloading the airline’s app

    Almost every major airline has an app you can download for free to help monitor for flight time changes or cancellations. Take advantage of this tool when you’re deciding what time to leave the house for the airport.

  • Book airport car service

    If possible, avoid relying on public transit to get you to the airport. Buses and trains frequently run behind, so it’s risky to put your pre-flight schedule in their hands. Even Uber and Lyft can be unreliable because their drivers receive little training and they won’t be monitoring your flight schedule. The most secure mode of transportation is an airport car service. Their chauffeurs usually undergo extensive screening as well as training in FAA flight tracking technology so you’ll be sure to arrive at the airport on time.

If you follow these four tips, missing a flight will be a thing of the past! Low stress, no-rush travel is possible with the right planning. Bon Voyage!