Why You Should Take a Limo Instead of a Taxi

Between all of the options you have for transportation nowadays, how do you know what is the best option for your occasion, circumstances, and needs? To get from point A to point B, should you hail a taxi, call an Uber, or just drive yourself? while each option has their pros and cons, we believe […]

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5 Benefits of Renting a Coach Bus for Your Road Trip

As the time of year comes when everyone goes vacationing, the hassle of how to get to your destination does not have to be a hassle anymore. Take all the stress off of your hands by booking a Coach Bus for your next vacation. Enjoy The Scenery – One of the best parts of going […]

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4 Reasons Why You Need to Book Wedding Transportation

With the excitement of getting engaged, there is also the task of planning the wedding to contend with. While we are enjoying ourselves during wedding showers and bachelorette parties, there are a lot of elements of wedding planning that must be tackled in a timely fashion. The list of tasks may not seem long, but […]

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4 Occasions (Outside of Weddings) That Deserve Big Parties

Whether you’ve already gotten married, or marriage is in the distant future, that’s no excuse not to party! Some of us simply love planning events, and in this article, we will discuss 4 occasions that are great excuses to do just that! Milestone Birthdays It’s no secret that some years feel a little more significant […]

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3 Good Reasons to Call a Cab

Even if you own a car, calling a cab is sometimes a better option than driving. Consider these three simple reasons why you might call a cab: You Are Unable to Drive Whether you have a car or not, sometimes there are reasons why you can’t drive yourself. The biggest reason is intoxication. If you […]

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Why Should You Reserve a Limo for Special Events?

Worrying about transportation is the last thing you need on a day when you are celebrating a special occasion. Whether it is a wedding, birthday party, bachelorette party or just a fun night out with friends, renting a limousine from Sam Houston Taxi & Limousine is a guaranteed way to make a special occasion even […]

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