Trends in Corporate Events

Trends in Corporate Events

Jul 05, 2018

Event managers and event planners need to be on top of all of the hottest Trends so that their clients can see that they are ahead of the game when it comes to their competition. Offering the latest trends sets you apart from other event managers.

Are you keeping up to date? Are you ready for the latest trends in event planning? We want to help you plan the best event possible and land return customers.

One key to succeeding in the event planning industry is to always be educated and on trend. Don’t waste your time with fads that never amount to much, but stay up-to-date on the things that your clients are interested in. your ultimate goal is to learn about an attractive trend before your client ever hears about it. This is one event for them, but it is your entire business.

Crowd Streaming

There is a reason why Facebook Live has become so popular lately, and it’s not just because it was released by the biggest social media giant. Live streaming is important to give your attendees a unique experience as well as a wonderful way to connect other interested people.

Another perk of Facebook Live specifically is that Facebook gives preference to streaming over other types of content. This means that you will appear on the top of your follower’s feed.

Allow Your Attendees to Take the Wheel

One way to give your event a unique feel is to allow your attendees the opportunity to customize their event experience. This way, your event will not only be unique when compared to other events, it will be unique for each individual.

The Soft Side

The corporate environment continues to adopt emotional intelligence as time progresses forward. Include topics that include soft skills, mindfulness, and other emotional intelligence-related topics. Also, offering sensory lounges to allow your more introverted attendees a place to wind down without having to retreat to their hotel is a good idea.

If you want any more ideas on up-to-date trends or if you need professional transportation to any of your events for your attendees or for yourself, then give us a call today!