Which Type of Limousine Is Best for Your Next Event

Which Type of Limousine Is Best for Your Next Event

Aug 27, 2018

When planning an extravagant event or attending one, make the affair even grander by arriving in style. A limousine is a great travel option for any event, be it a prom, wedding, birthday gathering or holiday road trip. Once the decision is made to rent a limo, the next step is to select your luxury vehicle of choice. There are several options available to help make your next event the best experience yet!

  • Sedan Limousine: This is the classic black limo that is opted for by most. Generally, the standard black limousine is the most affordable luxury vehicle option. But, less expensive doesn’t make it any less grandiose. It is more compact than other limo selections, made to accommodate 3–4 passengers. This type of limo offers a simple sophistication that is ideal for airport or business travel.
  • SUV Limousine: A more spacious luxury vehicle, the SUV limo provides more amenities than a standard sedan. Most styles have some sort of entertainment system and a bar. An SUV limo is a great transportation option for a long road trip because there is plenty of room for luggage and incidentals. With a built-in bar, an SUV limousine is a fun way to travel to a formal event and not bother with a designated driver. Everyone can just sit back, take a sip, and enjoy the ride, safely.
  • Limo Bus: More commonly known as a party bus, these luxury vehicles allow you to start celebrating in the limo! If you want, you don’t have to ride to a set destination, because everything you need for a jolly good time is already on the bus. A typical limo bus is fully equipped with restrooms, a bar, dance floor, sofa, and more. Made to transport 30 or more people these large vehicles are perfect for bachelor or bachelorette parties, birthdays and whatever you can imagine.
  • Stretch Limousine: This style looks much like the standard black sedan but has a lot more space. Given the added length, a stretch limo is a good option for transporting large parties to events. The two most popular reasons people choose a stretch limousine are for prom and wedding transportation. This is due to the stylish and classic appearance, but a stretch limo is also great for business travel.

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